Hi, I'm Lauren.
I'm 22, and a college student.

Things I like:
-Doctor Who
-Criminal Minds
-Harry Potter
-How I Met Your Mother
-Orange is the New Black
-The IT Crowd
-Corgis (cute animals in general)
-New Girl
-Parks and Rec
-Game of Thrones
-John and Hank Green
-Arrested Development
-The Emperor's New Groove
-The Breakfast Club
-Skins (UK)
-Mad Men
-Lord of the Rings
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-Robert Pattinson's hatred for Twilight




Some snaps from my Harry Potter Reread - Part 2 [Part 1]

These look similar to the actual annotations I made in my books, oops.

So often we try to make other people feel better by minimizing their pain, by telling them that it will get better (which it will) or that there are worse things in the world (which there are). But that’s not what I actually needed. What I actually needed was for someone to tell me that it hurt because it mattered. I have found this very useful to think about over the years, and I find that it is a lot easier and more bearable to be sad when you aren’t constantly berating yourself for being sad.

John Green  (via ridingsidesaddle)